Tensorflow package installing issue in nodejs project

I am facing this error and I try everything but still, i don’t find any suitable solution and even I don’t understand why this error is occurring


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  1. Clean npm cache
    npm cache clean --force

  2. Delete node_modules

    RD /S /Q "F:\AndroidStudioProjects\BackendInam\node_modules"

  3. Update your npm version

    npm install -g npm@latest --force

  4. Clean npm cache

    npm cache clean --force

  5. Install required packages

    npm install @tensorflow/tfjs-node

Thank you!

Installing the Tensorflow package in a nodejs project can be challenging. The installation process requires several steps and if any of them are done incorrectly, it could lead to errors or other issues with the application. It is important to ensure that all dependencies for the package are installed correctly and that there are no conflicts between different versions of packages used in your project. Additionally, make sure you have updated your system before attempting to install tensorflow as this will help prevent potential problems during installation.