TensorFlow r2.9 branch cut, March 31

Hi - we would like to announce that a new TF release 2.9.0 is coming up and we have just cut the r2.9 branch on 3/31/2022 at commit #5b9f89b8 – sorry for the delay in announcing the branch cut. You can refer to TF 2.9.0 GitHub RELEASE.md document for the current plans for what’s upcoming, and will be updated with changes as we prepare the final release.

While this is mostly a maintenance release, a number of partners are introducing new functionality for performance improvements across devices and host OSes – thank you! We look forward to delivering these improvements in the final release in end of April 2022.


Is there an estimate for when release candidate will be available in pypi?

We’ve had some issues with building it, but it should be available tomorrow.

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When will be release candidate will be available in PyPI?
When will be v2.9 tag will be available in github source code?

They both are available now, for RC0.

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Hi - RC1 is available now:

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For tensorflow-cpu wheels are missing for most python versions:

We hit a size limit issue. We should be able to upload these wheels today.

Also, there will be an rc2 before final release this time

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