Tensorflow security Rust/C++ interop

Do you think that Tensorflow could plan to introduce in 2021 Rust in the codebase like in other Google projects (Chromium, Android, Linux Kernel etc.) or do you think that we will have some specific issues for our library?

E.g. For Rust/C++ interop in Chromium see:


/cc @mihaimaruseac

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See also GitHub - google/autocxx: Tool for safe ergonomic Rust/C++ interop driven from existing C++ headers

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Another related link: How CrowdStrike Combines TensorFlow and Rust for Performance

It would be nice to have parts of TF written in Rust instead of C++ for better safety, but I am unsure this is possible at the moment, unfortunately. We will need a large refactoring and modularization to allow this to happen.

I think it could be interesting, as a prototipe, if we could consume the new WIP TF runtime c++ API (e.g. with autoccx) to write the simple kernel example in Rust:

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It could be really nice to have an analysis like this one for TF

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