Tensorflow with Cuda 12 on pypi

Hi! I saw the announcement of Cuda 11.8 being used in Tensorflow 2.12, which is the current version on PyPi. I am curious when the Tensorflow team anticipates switching to Cuda 12.X and releasing that version to PyPi. Any information or pointers to information appreciated. Thanks!


Welcome to the Tensorflow Forum,

We are currently working on this, and hope to have pip packages with CUDA 12 soon.

Thank you!

Has the upcoming Tensorflow 2.14 release switched to Cuda 12?

Hello, is there any new information about when Tensorflow support of Cuda 12 will start? Thank you very much in advance for the information!

I see that 2.14 says it is still on 11.8. However, there appears to be a new pip install option,
pip install tensorflow[and-cuda]
If this is done, will tensorflow use its own copy of 11.8? Even though I have 12.2 installed on my system?