TensorFlowDataset download failure tfds

I am unable to download ANY tfds dataset.
In windows 10 pro, VScode, python 3.8.8 (also 3.7), TF 2.4.1 (also 2.3 and 2.1)
I get this error:
Failed to rename: d:/data/tensorflow/mnist\1.0.0.incomplete7247AV to: d:/data/tensorflow/mnist\1.0.0 : Access is denied.

From this line of code:
(ds_train, ds_test), ds_info = tfds.load( “mnist”, split=[“train”, “test”], shuffle_files=True, data_dir=‘d:/data/tensorflow/’, as_supervised=True,

Full permissions are assigned to Everyone. Notice how the slashes change from ‘/’ to ‘’. Is there anyone using Windows that is successfully downloading the tfds datasets?


I think the issue may be because of something else and not of any OS. Can you please try to uninstall and reinstall tfds as mentioned here

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An update: While using VScode, i’m still unable to download any dataset from tfds. I switched to spyder. Using the SAME code file I am able to download cifar100, mnist, titanic. I still get the same error mentioned above with other datasets, including cifar 10. Thanks for any suggestions.

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