TensorRT installation question

According to GPU support | TensorFlow, I should install TensorRT 6.0. However, looking at TensorRT Support Matrix :: NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK Documentation, the most recent version of CUDA that TensorRT 6.0 supports is 10.2, yet the former web page says I should install CUDA 11.2. According to Documentation Archives :: NVIDIA Deep Learning TensorRT Documentation, the oldest version of TensorRT that supports CUDA 11.2 is 7.2.2.

My question is, which version of TensorRT should I install? Should I install version 6.0, which is most likely not compatible with CUDA 11.2, or should I install a later version of TensorRT, which might not be compatible with TensorFlow 2.5.0? If so, which one?

Latest TensorRT version 8.0.1 supports following CUDA versions,

TensorRT 8.0.1 is tested with Tensorflow 1.15.5

Take a look compatibility section in this link