TF 2.9 Decision Forests - One year on... (-> When?)

The release notes said " * Due to security issues in TF 2.8, all boosted trees code has now been removed (after being deprecated in TF 2.8). Users should switch to TensorFlow Decision Forests."

I thought this was good news at last, but there is STILL no TFDF pip package for Windows (it’s been >1 year). The WSL workaround is not available to me because WSL and vmWare can coexist, but only at the expense of unacceptable vmWare performance issues.

I really would like to suggest that there are 3 major OS - Windows, Mac, Linux - and in general all should be supported from the outset. And if not all immediately, then with a clearly stated timeline.

So, could someone please provide a timeline for TFDF/Yggdrasill support on Windows?