gives me a permission error

So this is the code:
"import os
import tensorflow as tf

file_path = “path/to/file”

if os.path.exists(file_path):
print(f"File found: {file_path}")
# Proceed with reading the file using
file =

print(f"File not found: {file_path}"). "

print(f"File found: {file_path}") works just fine but gives me this error:
tensors = pywrap_tfe.TFE_Py_Execute(ctx._handle, device_name, op_name,
tensorflow.python.framework.errors_impl.PermissionDeniedError: {{function_node _wrapped__ReadFile_device/job:localhost/replica:0/task:0/device:CPU:0}} /path/to/file; Operation not permitted [Op:ReadFile]
I tried everything but i still get the same error.


Welcome to the Tensorflow Forum,

I see, you don’t not have permissions to read from /path/to/file.

To resolve this issue, you can change file permissions.

Thank you!