tf.keras.layers.MaxPool2D with dilation


MaxPool2D layer does not have dilations as argument. Is there any equivalent layer to MaxPool2D with dilations argument ?

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Hi @celine_tell

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As you know there is no dilation_rate argument available in MaxPooling2D. This argument is available use in Convolutional layers in tf.keras.

You can find this attribute available in various Convolution layers like – Conv1D, Conv1DTranspose, Conv2D, Conv2DTranspose, Conv3D, Conv3DTranspose, ConvLSTM1D, ConvLSTM2D, ConvLSTM3D, Convolution1D, Convolution1DTranspose, Convolution2D, Convolution2DTranspose, Convolution3D, Convolution3DTranspose, DepthwiseConv1D, DepthwiseConv2D, SeparableConv1D, SeparableConv2D, SeparableConvolution1D, SeparableConvolution2D .