TF Lite for Java?

Hey there,
trying to figure this out now for an hour: Can I use tensorflow lite with a normal java application, or is it only possible for android and I need to use org.tensorflow for java?
Tried to search everywhere and my gradle has a hard time getting it into my intelliJ, so I thought I better ask.


SIG-JVM doesn’t have anything to do with tflite, so you’d have to ask them if it runs on non-Android platforms. It uses a different runtime which we don’t have bindings for.

Thanks @craigacp . I thought this SIG is all JVM related things.

May I kindly ask where to post? Is this then just in the General Section? Or can this be moved over?


We’re responsible for TF-Java, but tflite is separate from that. We’ve had some interest in adding tflite support to TF-Java, but it’s a large amount of work and we don’t have enough people working on the project.

Looks like there is a tflite tag, so I’d ask in the general discussion portion with that tag.

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