Training with array type label column

Hi All,
I have structured training data as a pandas dataframe object. The data looks like below.

The label column is my target and I want to train a convolutional layer with this data. The input values are normalized between 0 to 1. The problem is with the label column. It takes an array of classes.
I am unable to feed this data to a convolution layer. Can anyone please help me with how I can use this data for training a model?


You can use label encoder or one-hot encoder to represent your label.

Example for one-hot encoding,

indices = [0, 1, 2]
depth = 3
tf.one_hot(indices, depth)  
# output: [3 x 3]# [[1., 0., 0.],#  [0., 1., 0.],#  [0., 0., 1.]]