Trying to convert a open-source "Android Chinese TTS Engine" into english. I've been trying to insert a english speaking model into the app/src/main/assets but it seems to not function. Any ideas?

I am an avid learner who is trying to figure if this is something to drill my attention into. I have found a TTS engine which is *" developed on the basis of TensorflowTTS, used for TfLite model testing.

this is the github: GitHub - benjaminwan/ChineseTtsTflite: Android Chinese TTS Engine Base On Tensorflow TTS , use for TfLite Models Test。安卓离线中文TTS引擎,在TensorflowTTS基础上开发,用于TfLite模型测试。

I think it is really nifty and I’m trying to learn the nomenclature to understand how one would test a Tflite model. I specifically looking into seeing if I can switch this into a english speaking TTS engine.

The author has said that there is some English models which already exist and I have attempted to use these and alter his application with these models. I think I have done something incorrect but im not knowledgeable enough to know what yet.

What I have done:

  • Attempted to swap in the english model in place of the chinese model files. (file ext: .tflite)

I got the english model from another demo which does a similar function to the chinese app, though it does not have an engine function (source: TensorFlowTTS/examples/android at master · TensorSpeech/TensorFlowTTS · GitHub)

I hope that I have provided some understandable information for what I am trying to do. Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas of how I could approach this.