Two questions about TF Certification Exam?

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Preparing for the exam.

  1. In the handbook it points out that the TF 2.4.1 is the condition, however, I have installed 2.5 on my machine.
  2. GPU support is impossible on Mac according to the official doc. Has anyone who had the experience of the exam tried during the exam, was it heavily to train the exam models?

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@Jocelyn_Becker @Laurence_Moroney might have some insights here

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Does anyone can help?

(1) You should be fine – the test uses PyCharm, and PyCharm projects use a virtualized Python environment, into which 2.4.1 can be installed

(2) My advice here would be to practice practice practice with the syllabus the handbook shares, and see if you hit any walls with using CPU instead of GPU.


The exam has been updated to use TensorFlow 2.5