Using GPU but unable to use

Hi , i have nvidia2020 gpu server. I want to run my models on the gpu. The models are using tensorflow but i have tried to use gpu but unable to do it due to some dependencies. It will be great if anyone can help.
Thanks in Advance


To run TensorFlow models on your NVIDIA GPU, follow these steps:

Install TensorFlow GPU: Use pip install tensorflow-gpu.
Update NVIDIA Drivers: Ensure the latest drivers are installed.
Install CUDA Toolkit: Get the compatible version for TensorFlow.
Install cuDNN: Required for deep neural networks.
Set Environment Variables: For CUDA and cuDNN paths.
Test GPU Access: With TensorFlow’s list_physical_devices(‘GPU’).
Enable Logging: Set log_device_placement to True in TensorFlow.

I hope this step is helpful for you.

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FloridaBlue “Modified by moderator”