Using the narrators voice

How would I respond to a user using the narrator’s voice?

@dmelt, can you give more information about the problem?

That would make it easier for the community to help you.

Given text the ai can respond in a narrators voice(a voice that the user chooses) back to the user. So I am not sure if I can post a link but something along the lines of this

Got it,

So, this is a complex problem to solve and that’s kind of what Google Assistant does.

suppose you have already the answer you want to be narrated back by some voice, you need to use a text to speech model, which is a specialization of audio generation.

I’d start looking into the GCP solution for this: Text-to-Speech: Lifelike Speech Synthesis  |  Google Cloud

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It is something like QA:

Plus custom voice TTS on the answer:

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