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Hi folks:

I havn’t done any TFJS since version 2.3.0, looks like we are now at 3.8.0.

Just want to introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Ellis, social media @rocksetta. I have spent almost 5 years simplifying TensorflowJs for High School students.

My favorite basic layers example is at

I am now getting back to TFJS.

Anyone want to comment on possible changes, or if they are interested in what I do?

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@Jason might be interested

Indeed Jeremy and I have crossed paths on Twitter a few times before - welcome to the forum too!

It is great to see folk like yourself making TFJS more accessible to folk including those at high school - have also seen folk integrate with Scratch over in Japan too to go one step higher level for younger kids too.

I would be curious to know more about results of using this in any curriculum etc if you have managed to get results from such activities yet? Do you have any plans to teach this formally at a specific (or region) of high schools?

Would love to hear about your plans to take your work and put it into action. Maybe others on the forum have connections with folk teaching ML at high schools who may be interested in using the materials Jeremy has produced and may be worth connecting with them to try this out?

Let me know how it goes!


So my issue is, that what I have made with TFJS and TF-micro would be better suited for a University 100/101 level Robotics and Machine Learning course for non-Engineers. It is a bit advanced for all but a few of my High School students. What I did with TFJS gives a good understanding of what is happening when training and using Machine Learning in the browser and with TinyML.

Probably better explained on my Github main hpssjellis (Jeremy Ellis) · GitHub

The Maker100 course (ready for Jan 2022) is more what I am doing at the High School level for Robotics, sensors, actuators and ML mainly using Edge Impulse. The Maker101 course is what I could be working on with TFJS and TF-micro, but presently have no audience to test it with.