Want to use TensorflowJS, Posenet in a React Native application

Hey there!
I want to achieve human pose estimation inside a react Native App but I can’t find any docs or resources on how to do it.
I know from this blog TensorFlow.js for React Native is here! — The TensorFlow Blog that Tensorflow.js integration with React Native is possible and blog explains how to add " tensorflow-models/mobilenet" in a React Native app but I want to utilize tensorflow’s posenet model.

I was able to install the necessary dependencies for Tensorflow.js, following the same blog and set up the development environment successfully.
I want to achieve something similar to what is showcased in the beginning of this blog.

I also found some example of posenet with React that run on browser but nothing related to building an android app using React Native.
I am new to both Tensorflow and React native so I was hoping if anyone could provide my some docs or instructions specific to the integration of posenet model and tensorflow.js into a React Native app.

You may find this tutorial/write up useful: