What happened with the Tensorflow Microcontroller Challenge?

Hi there! Not sure whether this is the right spot to ask … but it seems that people of this forum submitted projects to the Tensorflow Microcontroller Challenge, so did I.

The submission deadline was mid of Juli and I’m not aware of any announcements on results or updates. Also the competition terms and everything related to the challenge seem to have been removed from the website (experiments.withgoogle.com).

Hence does anyone know what happened with the Tensorflow Microcontroller Challenge or is aware of any updates?

I’m just very curious of the results :slight_smile:

@Marcus might have some insights about this

We’re still in the process of judging the entries, thanks for your patience! The good news is that this is because we received a lot of great responses, and we’re trying to be careful about trying them out ourselves. I don’t have a date for the final results, but it should be soon.


Many thanks for the swift response! That’s great! :+1: :crossed_fingers: (In case it takes a bit longer, it might be a good idea to announce a competition-is-still-alive update to the teams/contestants). Cheers + Solved!


Thanks. Yes interested to know the result. Greeting from France.