What is pbtxt file keras api directory?

Hi everyone!
Can anyone help me in understanding what is the meaning of the .pbtxt extension and why it is not .py?

Hi @Neesham, pbtxt means Protocol Buffer text file. All of TensorFlow‘s file formats are based on Protocol Buffers. pbtxt file is a text file which will be in a human-readable form which will be simple to inspect the structure and content of a saved model.Thank You.

Hi @Kiran_Sai_Ramineni, I have one more question. Can I take participate in google summer of code 2023 by contributing to Keras?

Hi @Neesham, if keras is in the participating organizations in GSoC 2023 you can send your proposal to the keras, then google will review all the proposals and then select the students who can participate in the program. For more details please refer to this link. Thank You.