What is the purpose of building Tensorflow on WSL2?

Hello guys, new user here.

Using Tensorflow on Windows with CUDA became much more complicated after it dropped native support for Windows. Before I head dive into it, let me understand the situation:

  • If I want to use CUDA GPU easily, maybe I should just stick to Tensorflow 2.10 for now?
  • I am not experienced with this WSL2 thing and can’t quite see how does it interact with Windows. If I build and install Tensorflow in WSL2, will I be able to use GPU from scripts launched on Windows? If not, what is the purpose of all of that?

Thanks for any insight.

Hi @Warmonger, Welcome to TensorFlow Forum!

If you want to use tensorflow gpu on native windows you have to go for the TensorFlow 2.10 version. If you use gpu with the latest tensorflow version you have to use WSL2. Thank You.