What pre-made / converted models exist in TensorFlow.js?

So I just wanted to start a thread with a list of the premade models the TensorFlow.js team has launched for your consideration in your next project, but in addition to these, we would love to hear what models you may have created or converted to run in TensorFlow.js!

We are starting to see a lot of folk convert Python SavedModels to the TFJS format for use in browser to get not only the reach and scale of the web for people to try their models, but also gain privacy and lower serving costs as it can execute completely in browser on client side, on device.

So to get started here are some official models the team has created along with a few conversions we have seen out in the wild you may want to check out but please do reply with others you have seen or made yourself :slight_smile:

Official TensorFlow.js premade models:

Python to TFJS conversions

Also a treasure trove of conversions made by this Github user

Seen more? Reply below - we would love to see what you have found or made!

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