What's the best way to import all required protobufs to compile PredictionService of TF-Serving?

Hi, I have a question about importing protobufs to develop a client for TensorFlow Serving.

What is the official/best way to import all required protobufs and compile them for various languages? I want to import TF-Serving’s prediction_service.proto and compile it for various languages like Golang, TypeScript, and Ruby.

For that, I checked Bazel targets that build only protobufs at here. But I think there are no targets just for protobufs. (not generated/compiled one, like the proto_library from bazelbuild/rules_proto (link)) I could find targets only for cc_proto_library(serving_proto_library) and py_proto_library (serving_proto_library_py).

Also, I searched several related issues in tensorflow serving(golang related issues in tensorflow/serving), but that does not help. Someone wrote a comment about a script to generate TF Serving gRPC interfaces for Go, but I think it would be much better there exists an official way.

See this codelab:

There is no easy to populate them automatically. But it’s quite easy to write a script to remove unnecessary protos.