When is the release of tflite-model-maker new version due?

I am trying to train a custom object detection model uisng tflite-model-maker but the tensorflow’s colab doesn’t work. It gives multiple errors. I asked for help from Tensorflow forum and someone told me that the latest version of tflite-model-maker is not compatible with the latest version of Tensorflow and the issues will be solved in the the upcoming release of tflite-model-maker(0.4.2).
Thank you!

Did you try to use the nightly version pip install tflite-model-maker-nightly for your usecase ?

@chunduriv !
I am using tensorflow’s official colab for custom object detection and it is using tflite-model-maker not tflite-model-maker-nightly but I will try it and let you know if it works

tflite-model-maker 0.4.2 was released on 24th Aug 2022. Fixes the version of tflite-support and flatbuffers to be consistent with other packages. Thank you.