Where can I find a project for midi trianing an AI?

I am looking for a project file so I can get started train a model with my own midi files.

Anyone knows a good place where I can find a file and get started?

Hi @Adrian_XH,

Could you please elaborate more like do you want to know if there are any pre trained model or you want to build your own model ?

What are your expectations for the outcome of your trained model like predicting the next sequence note based on the given sequence of notes?

Thank You.

I want to train a model from scratch.

Yes, predict next sequence based on my midi files I give it. LSTM training.

Hi @Adrian_XH, Could you please refer to this tutorial which explains the building the model to generate the next sequence note based on the given sequence. Thank You.

Hey, yes that’s the one I used to make a project.

I uploaded a new post here with a project file with a program that almost work.