Which models would you like to see on TensorFlow Hub?

Yes It would be really nice to have a model card for every new model in TFHub.

I think that for the HandSkelethon specific case is

Model card:


Yes @Sayak_Paul for image classification, with inputs using 224 width, 224 height, RGB or [1, 224, 224, 3] and quantized models as well.

I was looking at tf-HUB yesterday after a years break and there are now so many models that it is very confusing which ones are good images starters, which ones do what. I know that when you click on a model it gives you a lot of information, but has anyone done a review or summary page that says: start here for image classification, start here for sounds etc, etc.

My interest area is TensorflowJS layers models and things seem to have changed a bit. I will make a new thread about it called can-we-talk-about-tf-hub-downloading-to-tensorflowjs

There is a bit of a trend to make specific npm’s from TF-HUB models for transfer learning using TensorflowJS, but that doesn’t help people to make there own models.


Thanks for the feedback Jeremy!
I understand it perfectly and that’s perfect! That really helps move the product forward!!

TFHub has a lot of models these days. To have a easy start, as of now, I’d recommend you take a look on out tutorials: www.tensorflow.org/hub

For image specifically, there’s one for image classification and another for transfer learning that have a lot of insights.

It doesn’t address your point directly but can help you for now.

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