Windows GPU only C Tensorflow download failure

Hi, I’m trying to download the above Tensorflow at this link:

but I get this error:

NoSuchKey The specified key does not exist.
No such object: tensorflow/libtensorflow/

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!


Welcome to the Tensorflow Forum!

TensorFlow 2.10 was the last TensorFlow release that supported GPU on native-Windows.

Thank you!

Thanks, but the download doesn’t work.
Can you fix it please?
I’m referring to this:

Many thanks!

Can you fix it please?
I’m referring to this:

We are not maintaining the GPU wheel for tensorflow 2.11.

If you would like to use GPU on windows, we request you to use tensorflow 2.10

Thank you!

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I see, many thanks. Not sure what’s GPU “wheel”, but wander why tensorflow 2.11 appears in this page if it’s not supported: Установите TensorFlow для C

Anyway, I got tensorflow from your link, thanks again!

Submitted PR to resolve this problem. Thank you!