XML to CSV and CSV to RECORD scrip


I´m still new to python and ml so i relay on others knowing more than me and use alot of scripts to try to learn more and at the same time try to get a first test-model running.

Looking at github there are tons of scripts for converting xml to cvs and csv to record but as the scripts often are made for a tutorial for a specific version of TF there are a number of errors coming up more or less frequently. Most of the time the tutorial tf-version is specified as 1 or 2 its a hard time trying out a bunch of scripts to find one that is working. There are fixes to a lot of the errors but at the same time people saying it “works” (not giving the error) but wont give you any result lather on either.

So; to my question. Are there any “official” scripts for thees kinds of things? Scripts that is labeled with the version/versions that they work with?

Thank you for a nice forum, its a great way to learn!


Please refer Training Custom Object Detector — TensorFlow 2 Object Detection API tutorial documentation. Thank you