A graphic designer with absolutely no programming skills wants to create an AI from scratch that asks artists before stealing their work

Is it possible to create a text-image model from scratch, based on a database fed by the creations of artists who have consented to it, to prove that it’s possible?

This is my diploma project.

My deadline is in two weeks.

I’m a student.

I have little or no money to hire someone to program this for me.

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Can I do it myself?

Should I use TensorFlow, Craiyon, something else?

Thanks for the little guidance !

Is possible to finetune a pretrained model that will recognize that images. the issue here is that you will do a clasification in 2 class instead of many and that you will have to add the images with class 0 = NoRights to use and class 1 = rights to use

Then you feed many images equal if possible to the model for the 2 class and finetune the model to give u this 2 class. Issue is that you must literally retrain every time an artist join.

Model you get a resnet easy and finetune it for your need.
Plently of free colab around.

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