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Discuss state-of-the-art ML models both in and out of the TensorFlow model garden.

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Two models I would immediately like to see in Model Garden:

  • [WideResNets] (very helpful for benchmarking purposes)
  • Any colorization model

I had worked on a Colorization model in the past months with a collaborator. It gave decent results but we could not get the distributed training part right. We are up for collaborations! Our pipeline is pretty fast so far utilizing the best practices from tf.data and is fully compatible with TPUs.

I don’t find vision transformer models in any TensorFlow repos so far.
I think it’s important to develop a repository full of transformer models made with TensorFlow just like we have pytorch image models.
I am currently working on this and I really appreciate collaborations for this project.

Thank you ! it changes me from “above ground” discussions on LinkedIn