About the SIG TFX-Addons category

SIG TFX-Addons facilitates community contributions of community-supported software and tools which can be used on top of core TFX.

To contribute to TFX-Addons, join the conversation at our monthly meeting.


Hi @kristen
I was wondering what the difference is between TFX Addons and tfx

Hi @Kareem_Negm! TFX Addons is the repo for the TFX-Addons Special Interest Group, which focuses on building community-contributed and maintained additions on top of core TFX (tfx).

@Robert_Crowe is the SIG project lead and can provide further info

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Hi @kristen
Thanks for your explanations it’s very helpful
and hope to be a part of Mr @Robert_Crowe community-contributors,
I follow you sir and I am a big fan :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wave:

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