AI Modell for 2D CAD ( end geometry and the mold)

Dear Experts,

i am newbee. after some research and interviews with the expert, they are sure that it is possible thing to do with AI. and i also cant find any post related to this.

There is a sketch of end geometry and mold (geometry). the end geometry is similar to mold geometry, but not the same. to create mold geometry there are alot of factors to be considered (shrinkage, etc.). and we have several thausend pairs of them in CAD-Data (dxf, dwg, step etc.)

so the idea is to create AI-modell which can generate mold geometry by looking at end geometry.

my first question, could FT do such a tasks?
which kind of input data can FT handle? would 2D-CAD will work?
should the 2D-CAD first convert to picture, teach them in AI-FT-Modell, generate a mold picture, and finaly converst them in 2D-CAD?

i would greatly thanks for any feedback

best regards