Algorithm for road maintenance

Hello everyone on TensorFlow Forum!
My name is Matías Maciel from Uruguay, and I’m starting my journey with TensorFlow.
I’m currently working on a project involving the detection of road defects using machine learning techniques. My goal is to develop a system that can efficiently and accurately identify different types of pavement defects, such as cracks, potholes, and deformations, and messure them.
As I’m new to the field, I’d like to request your guidance and advice on which algorithm or approach would be most suitable for this type of task. I’ve been researching but there are lot of options.
Have any of you worked on similar projects or have experience in this field? I’d be pleasure to hear your recommendations and suggestions on which approach might be most effective for this type of problem.
I appreciate any advice or resources you can share with me to help me progress in my project!
Thanks !!!

Hi @Matias_Maciel, You can use CNN(convolution neural networks) and VIT(vision transformers) for detecting pavement defects. Please refer to this document how you can achieve this using cnn and vit’s. Thank You.