Analysis of Brain Waves Data in Python Using ML and AI

I would like to show you one of my research blog which is recently published on Medium about " Analyzing the Brain Waves Data Using Python". In this blog I have explained the basics of Brain waves, how we can use brain waves to control different applications and how we can analyse the brain waves data in Python.
The blog is available here : Analyzing the Brain Waves Data Using Python | by Rohit Narain | DataToBiz | Aug, 2022 | Medium

Hope it will help the others to learn the basics and implementation point of view.

Interesting post Rohit.

quick tip: for code snippets, it’s better to format it different from the rest of the text otherwise it’s harder to read. I’m sure you can do that on medium. It would make your post easier to understand

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Thanks Igsum for your kind words. Its my pleasure to contribute my research here.
Sure I will format the code snippets.

Good work! It would also be interesting if you could use a machine learning paradigm to predict emotional states or cluster different forms of undiscovered brainwaves with brain imaging data. I’d be happy to read more about that!

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Thanks Mustafaakben for your kind words and feedbacks. Sure I am actully working on that part and will include this in my next article.

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