AttributeError: 'WindowGenerator' object has no attribute 'total_window_size'

Hello there,

I tried to follow TensorFlow’s time series tutorial and I just got exposed to Attribute Error, even though I followed along the tutorial and I couldn’t create the graphs and got attribute error all along the place. I’d like to paste the code here but because it’s 800 lines long, I created a GitHub file under my repository and you can check my code to see if something is wrong.

These are the errors:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/atatekeli/PycharmProjects/TensorFlowProjects/”, line 520, in
for example_inputs, example_labels in wide_window.train.take(1):
File “/Users/atatekeli/PycharmProjects/TensorFlowProjects/”, line 271, in train
return self.make_dataset(self.train_df)
File “/Users/atatekeli/PycharmProjects/TensorFlowProjects/”, line 258, in make_dataset
AttributeError: ‘WindowGenerator’ object has no attribute ‘total_window_size’