Build custom model through images

Hi all.i am come from non coding background.after research on some chatbot and found this platform.i want build my custome model through images.but i don’t know how,i haven’t desktop and laptop.i want build throughout my mobile.i need step by step guidance.i want make my future in ai .i am disabled person.please support me.
I am appreciate if any kind heart give me replay on my topic

Hi @E_person ,

Building a complex image-based model entirely on mobile might be very challenging due to limitations in processing power and available resources.

Maybe you can explore there are several platforms that allow you to create chatbots without coding. These platforms often have visual interfaces where you can drag-and-drop (since you are non-coding background and do not have the desktop/laptop for now) elements to build conversation flows and integrate image recognition features( i am unsure how those platforms works in mobile)

I did google search and found below are maybe helpful for you(I never used any of them)

Dialogflow (by Google)


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Thank you for reply back me.i am not talking any types of chatbot .i am talking about a perfect internet traffic generator tool