Cannot use GPU on tensorflow with CUDA Toolkit 12.3

Hello everyone. I am a newbie.
I downloaded CUDA Toolkit version 12.3 and its corresponding CuDNN. I have used GPU successfully on pytorch but with tensorflow it doesn’t work.
I tried running on colab and found that tensorflow still uses the GPU, but when running on Visual Studio Code, it doesn’t work.
I looked at the tensorflow homepage and saw that it only supports environments with CUDA Toolkit version 12.2.
Is the error due to tensorflow not yet supporting the environment for CUDA Toolkit version 12.3? And when will tensorflow support 12.3?

Please help me to sovle it.


Hi @tuanminh, It is always recommend to use CUDA versions as per test build configuration for smooth utilization of GPU.

Maybe in future versions of tensorflow the CUDA 12.3 support may be available. Thank You.

Hi @Kiran_Sai_Ramineni. Yes, it appears so. Thank you.