Cant End Exam - Tensorflow Developer Certificate

I’d like to share my disappointment and frustration regarding the recent Tensorflow exam on this forum. I managed to score 24 out of 25. but I’ve been struggling for the past three days to submit the final part due to technical issues. Despite my repeated efforts and attempts to seek support, I haven’t received any assistance or resolution. No support nothing, it’s 100 USD. This is really frustrating. please report back tensorflow team.

@rakibul_haque We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.
Please send queries related to TensorFlow Developer Certificate exam to" .

Thank you

i already sent three emails, @Tanya
please check, my email is:(removed by moderator)
*I couldn’t submit in the end. but i did receive 24/25 based on my models, i submitted all but couldn’t end the exam
Thank you


We have replied to you in the support channel.

Thank you