Can't install tensorflow=1.x version on Colab Pro

Hi there,
My DL code is compatible with 1.14.0 but apparently Colab Pro new release doesn’t support tensorflow 1.x
How should I solve this if I need tf==1.14.0, any leads will be really helpful as I have time crunch.

Thank you.


Welcome to the Tensorflow Forum!

Currently Colab Notebooks are running with Python 3.9. According to tested build configurations,tensorflow 1.14 works with Python 3.7. Thats why you can’t install tensorflow 1.14.

Please try to follow instructions suggested by @ Atotem may help you.

Thank you!

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Thanks @chunduriv for your prompt reply.

the above instructions are applicable for running python scripts on Colab. However, I have a long notebook, i will have to port everything to script files. Do you know by any chance ‘related workaround’ for the notebook?


Unfortunately there is no other workaround as per my knowledge.

Thank you!