Can't make the tflite c_api library

trying to follow the documentation to make the c library with c_make but my terminal crash in the last step : cmake --build . -j
I’m using Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS and the last version of Cmake

I didn’t find the problem, but I used Bazel as an alternative.

1-Clone the TensorFlow Lite repository.
2-Build the library using this command: bazel build -c opt //tensorflow/lite/ .
3-Copy to your folder from bazel-bin/tensorflow/lite/c/ .
4-Compile: gcc -o hello_tf hello_tf.c -I. -Llib/tensorflow/lite -ltensorflowlite_c .
5-Copy and paste your dynamic library to /usr/lib : sudo cp lib/tensorflow/lite/ /usr/lib .
6-Almost done: ./hello_tf .