Can't open the TF certification exam


I can’t open my exam, I changed connections (change of router and access provider) and PC but there is no change (tried on 2 Windows PCs and a Macbook)!
I enabled the auto-detect setting for the proxy on the Pycharm and there is no change.
Support was too slow to respond and their response is too general, there is no help (they send me the manual and instruction pdf).
The error message is: “we’re unable to check the status of your exam right now. Please check your connection and try again”
I don’t know if anyone had the same problem and solved it.

Thank you

Hi Sami_Jaballah, Welcome to the forum. Please reach out to for any questions / issues related to Tensorflow Certification Exam.

Thank you @Divvya_Saxena for your reply. I already sent them a mail but to cause the other mail can’t be found now and they sent me a general response by sending the Handbook…

Don’t use tensorflow-certificate-team, the correct address for support is

@Jocelyn_Becker ,