Can't run unit tests

Hello all,

I’m having a hard time running the unit tests on the python side. I have already read the CONTRIBUTE.MD but didn’t understand how it works. Can someone help me?


Hi @T_F, For running test cases,you have to clone the repository and make changes which are required and can run the test cases. For example to test the softmax op

bazel test ${flags} tensorflow/python/kernel_tests/nn_ops:softmax_op_test

Thank you.

Hi @Kiran_Sai_Ramineni , I’m also having difficulty running the unit tests even though I’m properly following the CONTRIBUTE.MD.

I’m running these commands:

  1. docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/tmp -w /tmp tensorflow/build:2.15-python3.10
  2. export flags=“–config=opt -k”

I’m getting an error on the second part. This is an Error:
ERROR: Config value ‘opt’ is not defined in any .rc file

Can you tell me what’s the exact problem?
FYI: I run the command (1) when I’m in the TensorFlow directory in my codespace.