Colab pip install tflite-model-maker failed

i try the demo

run in colab

run the code

pip install tflite-model-maker "

lite mode maker the colab Google Colab

pip install failed


Currently, tflite-model-maker doesn’t support Python 3.10. You can try the workaround as suggested in 60431#issuecomment by @ tomkuzma

Even though you can make a conda environment in colab, it will still always use the colab runtime python version. But you can force it to use the environment by using a bash script and activate it every time you need to use it. Unfortunately this means that you can’t use cells for python code, but instead you can just have it run a python file with all the code you need to use.

I’ve got it working in this notebook. There was a few dependencies like numpy that needed a specific version installation, but after that it was working and training as you can see in the screenshot. Just make your own python file to run for training and you should be good to go.

Google Colab

Thank you!