Contribution to tensorflow repository

Hi, Tensorflow community,

I am highly passionate to contribute to Tensorflow using my skills learned yet. I wanted to make some changes in C++ files in the repo but I am getting the error of can’t find files which were included in that particular C++ file.

When I am running inside “tensorflow/compiler/xla/client/lib/” directory fatal error: tensorflow/compiler/xla/client/lib/pooling.h: No such file or directory
   16 | #include "tensorflow/compiler/xla/client/lib/pooling.h"
      |          ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.

Till now I cloned the tf repo, but I can’t find the clear steps to be followed for starting contribution in it. I went through “” file and “Contributing to tf” page but there is nothing apart then install clang-tidy/blazel or something whose clear steps are not mentioned on the entire documentation. I tried everything, even tried setting blazel but “blazel build” produced errors.

I want to set up this repo so I can start contributing to any file. It would be great if anybody can help me in setting it up.

Thank a lot in advance!


Welcome to the Tensorflow Forum,

To contribute to the Tensorflow code, please take a look at Contribution workflow may help you.

Thank you!