Convert model to tflite

I’m currently exploring ways to create TensorFlow Lite (TFLite) models directly from datasets and am seeking advice on efficient and user-friendly methods to achieve this. My primary goal is to find an online tool or a straightforward process where I can import image datasets (organized in class-specific folders) and automatically generate a TFLite model without extensive coding.

From my research, I understand that TensorFlow Lite Model Maker might be a viable solution, but I’m curious if there are any online platforms or tools that offer a more streamlined, possibly GUI-based, approach for this task. Here are some specific points I’d like to discuss:

Hi @AzSoft,

You can check the other platforms like mediapipe, vertex AI for your usecase. As you mentioned TFLite model maker genarates the tflite file with minimal coding, but right now, there is an issue with tflite model maker. The team is working on it. Please follow the updates at link.

Thank You