Converting JSON q&a to a model I can use in tensorflow.js

I’m very very very new to tensorflow and its has completely dumbfounded me. maybe its just now what I expect. I am trying to write a chatBot. it will take past conversations to train it. the conversations are put into a json format liek this // Your JSON data
const jsonData = [
“question”: “Here is the question”,
“answer”: “here is the answer”,
“keywords”: [

of course it would have many question and answers in it. I can not figure out for the life of me how to convert this into data that tensorflow can use. The documentation completely baffles me. Of course reading guides is not my strong point. once it trains tensofflow I would ask the chat bot questions and bsed on the training data it should be able to answer as cose as possible. Is this even possible with tensorfow?
or am i on a wile goosechase


Yes, it’s possible to create a chatbot using TensorFlow.js based on your JSON conversation data. The process involves several steps:

  1. Data Preparation: Convert your JSON data into a format suitable for machine learning by tokenizing the text (breaking down questions and answers into individual words) and then converting these tokens into numerical data.
  2. Model Definition: Define a machine learning model suitable for processing text, such as an RNN, LSTM, or Transformer model.
  3. Training: Train your model using the prepared data, with tokenized questions as inputs and corresponding answers as the target outputs.
  4. Inference: Use the trained model to generate answers to new questions by tokenizing the input question, converting it into the model’s expected numerical format, and interpreting the model’s output back into text.

This process requires a good understanding of TensorFlow.js and machine learning concepts, particularly as they apply to natural language processing.

You may want to check my video on NLP here to understand how text is represented:

Full course is here: