Coral PCI card causes conflicts?

I just upgraded my server motherboard to a Supermicro H12SSL motherboard, but upon plugging in my coral edge mPCIe card (on an adapter to plug into a regular PCI slot), the system was unable to power on. After some troubleshooting, I discovered the following pattern:

  • With both the Coral Edge card and my NVIDIA video card installed, the system was unable to power up at all (the power light would blink for a bit, but never power up)
  • With just the Coral Edge card, the system powers on, but 2/3 of my USB ports don’t work. The BIOS shows 2 USB controllers rather than the 4 expected.
  • Without the Coral Edge card, everything works as expected. System boots, all USB ports and controllers are available, PCI video card works, etc.

It almost seems as though the Coral card is assigned an address that conflicts with some basic system controllers or something. Anyone have any idea why this might be, and better yet how I can fix it?

Just to close out this issue, it turned out the problem was caused not by the Coral PCI card, but rather by the adapter I was using to be able to actually use said card in a normal PC. After replacing the adapter everything appears to be working as expected.