Creating a clustering model using simple k-means algorithm

Firstly very new to Tensorflow and Keras
Installed via Anaconda Navigator - very straight forward

I wish to create the above described model using Tensorflow BUT I am having difficulty in understanding the following…

My input is a time series - 5 consecutive hourly prices held in an excel worksheet
first row is at time t
second row is at time t+1 etc.

I wish k to be 25 - i.e. 25 clusters

But I want the clustering to be based on the graph/plot of the 5 prices not the actual prices themselves as per the following example


I have already tried this exercise in weka but the clustering resulted in 25 straight lines based on the actual values of the prices and NOT on the graph/plot

Could somebody please explain the difference between the two styles of clustering and shoe me how to achieve the clustering I want

Thank you

Bob M