CUDA 11.2 installed but GPU is not working

In my system u installed python version 2.9.18, tensorflow version 2.9.1 and cuda 11.2. All the environmental variable paths are correct. But the GPU is not detected why ???

Hi @Tapabrat_Thakuria

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Please tell us your system OS and installed Python version to help you in this issue. Please ensure that you have followed the instructions correctly to install the Tensorflow with GPU as mentioned in the official doc of TensorFlow install.

Please let us know if the issue still persists. Thank you.

I am using OS 11, python 3.9.19, TensorFlow 2.9.0, cuda 11.2. Now the tensorflow and GPU are working but when I installed tensorflow, it shows some error messages like some of the packages will not work due to version mismatch. This means some of the packages need some different versions of the library like sci-kit learn, tensorboard etc.