Cuda and cudnn installation for tensorflow with Visual Studio

I wanted to update my libraries and I also tried to get the tensorflow-gpu version. I first got cuda 12 but then realized that I need the 11.2 version and cudnn 8.1. I have 2 questions though. Do I need to get Visual Studio 2019 in order to not get the Integration problem message or can I also use Visual Studio 2022?(I don’t think VS2022 supports cuda’s 11.2 version).

The second question is if I can install cudnn’s 8.1.1 version or do I strictly have to install 8.1.0?

Hi @IonDim

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Yes, You are correct. Visual Studio 2022 will not support CUDA 11.2 as per this doc. You need to install Visual Studio 2017 to have support for CUDA 11.7 - 11.0.

You can install cuDNN 8.1.* with CUDA 11.2.

Please check this tested build configuration for more detail on Tensorflow with GPU setup and follow the steps by step instructions mentioned in the TF install official page to install TensorFlow with GPU support.