Datatype 11 is not recognized in java

hello !
i used Classify structured data with feature columns learning a model with Python
To use in Android, it was converted to Pd → tflite and used.
An error occurred when testing the training model
“datatype 11 is not recognized in java”
Java version used is 8

What is data type 11?

“DataType 11” is the numeric value to represents the datatype of one of your tensor, which stands for QINT8 (quantized int8) in this case. See the full list of datatypes and their numeric representation here.

I’m not an expert of TFLite but I think it can only allocate or map tensors in Java of the following types: tensorflow/ at master · tensorflow/tensorflow · GitHub

It is however supported by the C++ API, which we can use easily from Java with the JavaCPP Presets for TF Lite:

BTW, I think it’s actually referring to Float64:

thanks was helpful !!

thanks was helpful!!